Animal Print Rainbow

Animal Print Rainbow

To get cute animal print nails, you can go with an allover applique, apply a pattern over a gorgeous rainbow like above, or free hand the leopard spots.

Animal Print Nail Art Designs

Animal Print Nail Art Designs

The great thing about DIY animal print nail art designs is there is no pattern. Just add layers of colors in irregular blobs and you've got yourself a cheetah, giraffe or fantasy animal with blue fur.

Leopard Print Nails

Leopard Print Nails

Play up leopard print nails by changing up each nail. This cool nail art design features French tips with a stripe of animal print on every nail but the ring finger.

Animal Print French Tip Nails

Animal Print French Tip Nails

Applying animal print to just the tip of French nails really highlights the cheetah pattern. To get this design, you'll need long nails or gels.

Animal Print Nail Art

Animal Print Nail Art

Every animal is game for nail art. These tiger stripes are super fun, on all of the nail, or just on long French tips.

Animal Print Nail Designs

Animal Print Nail Designs

Get creative with those animal print nail designs! This leopard (or dalmation) inspired pattern gets fancy with a metallic gradient underneath.

Tiger Stripe Nails

Tiger Stripe Nails

Another way to get animal print nails is highlight the distinctive pattern. This zoomed in tiger stripe is even better with orange glitter as the base.

Animal Pattern Tips

Animal Pattern Tips

Get creative with your animal patterns! There's no need to imitate a particular animal. This burgundy base with flecks of gold does the trick.

Peacock Nail Art Designs

Peacock Nail Art Designs

Another fabulous animal to paint on your nails is the peacock. Add authenticity to the pattern by adding gold glitter.

Zebra Nail Art

Zebra Nail Art

This nail art design looks like a zebra by simply painting curved black lines with a nail art pen on top of a white base coat. Save on time by wearing the rest with French tip nails with a swirl of black.

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